Book  Indian Pottery by Toni Roller of Santa Clara Pueblo

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Published 1997
Price is $18.00 incl. postage, signed from Toni Roller, P.O. Box 171, Espanola, N.M. 87532

64 pages with descriptions and pictures of traditional Santa Clara pottery making.   Includes a chapter on "Background on Pueblo Indian Pottery."  Also included, the 15 steps for making pottery from digging the clay, treating the clay, molding, firing and finally cleaning the finished pottery.


"Many people ask how traditional Santa Clara pottery is made.  Some Santa Clara potters and others who claim they make traditional Indian pottery, do not show how theirs is made because they use commercial clays and paints and fire in controlled kilns.  However, in this book I show that the Tafoya family pottery is hand made using natural materials and fired outdoors as our ancestors did.  I and my family are preserving the age old art of authentic traditional Santa Clara Pueblo pottery making as I was taught.  We believe this is the only way our art can be authentic."