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Visit us at the Toni Roller Indian Pottery Studio & Gallery located at Santa Clara Pueblo, 1 miles south of Espanola, New Mexico on Los Alamos Highway 30, & Canyon Rd.

Directions:  When coming into Espanola, look for the street on the south side of town called "Stanley A. Griego Bridge Rd" as shown on this map.  Then, on the west side of "Stanley A. Griego Bridge Rd", take State Rd 30  south about 1 1/2 miles to Santa Clara Pueblo and this is high-lighted on the map shown.  Watch for a large red sign on the right side of State Rd. 30 reading "Toni Roller Indian Pottery Turn Here".  This is "Canyon Rd." going west, and it is also high-lighted on this map.  Go about 150 yards to the Studio & Gallery.  Roller Rd. is shown on automobile GPS units instead of Canyon Rd.

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Toni Roller Indian Pottery, Nm-30 & S Santa Clara Bridge Rd, Espanola, NM 


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